Alexander Stavrinos

Hi, I am Alex. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. From my early teen years I was interested more in the spiritual matters of life. I have travelled extensively throughout Africa and Asia, because I have always been interested in the healing traditions of these cultures. After some years of job-hopping in different areas of employment I finally decided to change my lifestyle towards a more personal-growth path. Suffering myself from a cervical spine syndrome I wanted to try on me how effectively and deeply the holistic therapies could help me heal. In the process of my own healing I discovered that Traditional Thai Massage is not only a very deep and powerful form of healing, but also a spiritual path. I now felt that my calling was to share my personal experience and knowledge with as many people as I could. Since then I became devoted to Thai massage healing and teaching.

I have studied Thai Massage with master teacher Asokananda and with Arno L’ Hermitte of the Sunshine Network as well as in the European School of Shiatsu with a total of more than 600 teaching hours. I have also attended seminars on Pranic Healing with Helen Weeks and Reiki 1st and 2nd degree with Eleni Skondra. In my healing practice today I incorporate Thai Massage and Reiki in every session, creating an even more dynamic and powerful experience. I have also been practicing Vipassana meditation for some years now.