Study Traditional Thai Massage – Starting March 2019


Do you live in or visit Athens or Chania/Crete, don’t speak Greek and yet you are interested in learning a bodywork art? We invite you to attend our THAI MASSAGE TRAINING to become a certified Thai Massage practitioner.

Next training circle starts March 3 in Athens and March 15 in Chania/Crete

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system of tissue, muscle and joint mobilisations using pressing, stretching, turning and moving, which is performed while fully clothed. Thai massage includes much more than the traditional massage, because it involves rhythmic acupressure, reflexology, energy work and stretching, a form of passive yoga.

Υou will learn the basics of this wonderful healing art from Thailand. At the end of the program, for which you need no prior knowledge, you will be able to safely conduct a whole body Thai massage. You will also be taught a Yoga program as well as a self-massage program.

Contents of the seminar:

– Basics of Thai medicine, contra-indications
– History, culture and background of Thai massage
– Special Yoga and Self Massage routine for Thai massage practitioners
– Important treatment principles and treatment techniques
– Treatment of feet and legs
– Treatment of stomach and chest
– Treatment of arms and back
– Head, face and neck treatment
– Practice of what we have learned by exchanging massages
– Repetition and summary, final treatment

Training duration:

A total of 80 hours for which you will receive a certification of attendance.

Euro 700,- including all taxes
Seminar notes with pictures are in price included

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